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IPOWER offers a comprehensive range of web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. From shared hosting and VPS to dedicated servers and reseller hosting, they provide the perfect platform to build your online presence. Enjoy features like a free domain name, Content Delivery Network (CDN), 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. IPOWER's user-friendly control panel and extensive documentation make it easy to manage your website, while their competitive pricing plans fit any budget.

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Other Factors: Good
Marry Rose
Author: Marry Rose Last updated: 07 June 2024

Review IPOWER 2024

iPower is a web hosting company that offers a variety of services catering to individuals, small businesses, and resellers. Here’s a review based on the information available:

Setup Hosting: iPower provides a well-rounded suite of web hosting tools. They offer Unix-based hosting, though Windows systems are available in some packages. They have three shared hosting packages that provide everything you need to get started quickly and easily. The Pro plan offers unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfers, unlimited domains, and 2,500 email accounts.

Customer Support: iPower offers phone, email, live chat, and other support options. However, there have been some complaints about the technical support team’s knowledge. While problems don’t occur often, they can take longer than expected to resolve, especially for more complex issues.

Payment: iPower offers reasonable pricing. The basic Starter plan starts at $3.99 per month with a one-year commitment. The Pro plan starts at $12.95 per month with an annual commitment. However, the Starter Plan lacks value as it offers only 5GB of disk space, 250GB of monthly data transfers, one domain, and a single email account. 


IPOWER offers a comprehensive range of web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. From shared hosting and VPS to dedicated servers and reseller hosting, they provide the perfect platform to build your online presence. Enjoy features like a free domain name, Content Delivery Network (CDN), 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. IPOWER's user-friendly control panel and extensive documentation make it easy to manage your website, while their competitive pricing plans fit any budget.

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IPOWER's rating: Good hosting provider

We rate features of services on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating. e also take into account the opinions of other users when rating features. We read user reviews and feedback to get a sense of how other people are using the features and what they think of them.

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Parameters Score Why did we give this score?
Features 4 Good - We consider a number of factors when rating features, including: usefulness, ease to use, effectiveness, impact.. IPOWER's feature is excellent. It provides a high level of value to the user and is easy to use and effective.
Reliability 4.2 Mostly credible - IPOWER consistently meets its promises and delivers on time. They have an excellent customer service record and are very responsive to customer complaints.
User Friendly 4.1 Excellent - Extremely Easy to Use: IPOWER is incredibly easy to navigate and use. Users will find it effortlessly to find the information they need or complete tasks.
Support 4.5 Excellent - The support service is excellent. There is a comprehensive user manual and FAQ page. The helpdesk is very responsive and helpful. The support time is very fast and there is live chat with customers. The service supports multiple languages and provides excellent customer service.
Price 3.6 Affordable - The pricing of IPOWER is affordable. It is slightly lower than the average prices of similar services, and there is some flexibility in the price list.
Promotion 4 Good discount - IPOWER offers frequent promotions. Their promotions are attractive and have a wide reach. There are a few bonus programs, discounted codes, or percentage discounts. They have a few conditions for receiving promotions, but their targeted audience is broad. Their rewards programs and loyalty programs are strong, and their discounts and special offers are frequent and appealing.
Other Factors 3.2 Good - The number of customers is high, and the partner reviews are mostly positive. The company's revenue is also high

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using IPOWER as your hosting platform.


  • IPOWER offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and more, catering to diverse needs.
  • Plans are affordable, especially with introductory discounts and promotions.
  • Free domain name.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Improves website loading speed and performance globally.
  • User-friendly control panel: Easy to manage website settings and resources.
  • Extensive documentation and tutorials: Provides helpful guides for beginners and advanced users.
  • 24/7 customer support: Offers phone, live chat, and email support for troubleshooting issues.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee: Ensures website is accessible to visitors most of the time.
  • Good track record for uptime and performance: Provides reliable service with minimal downtime.
  • Free SSL certificate: Encrypts website data and protects user information.
  • Money-back guarantee: Offers a safety net for dissatisfied customers.


  • Limited data center locations.
  • Compared to some competitors, IPOWER lacks website staging, malware scanning, and other advanced tools.
  • While some praise the support, others report slow response times and unhelpful interactions.
  • Hidden fees: Some features, like domain privacy, incur additional costs not readily apparent.
  • Upselling pressure: Customers may experience pressure to upgrade to more expensive plans.
  • Limited promotional transparency.

Interesting facts

Money-back guarantee
Free domain name for a year
Content Delivery Network (CDN) included
Custom WordPress themes
24/7 customer support
99.9% uptime guarantee
Domain registration
Performance needs: strong uptime and CDN make it a good choice for websites requiring high availability and speed.
Promotional offers: Attractive discounts and freebies can significantly influence customer choice.

Overall, iPower is seen as a middle ground between cheap and expensive web services. It’s a dependable and budget-friendly hosting option, but it lacks some of the advanced features found in top-tier services. They have been trying to revamp their services to handle customer complaints and keep pace with their competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is IPOWER's uptime guarantee?

IPOWER offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee to ensure reliable website performance.

How do I register a domain name with IPOWER?

Visit IPOWER's website, enter your desired domain name, and follow the step-by-step registration process.

What payment options does IPOWER accept?

IPOWER accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

How can I contact IPOWER's customer support?

IPOWER provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone.

What is IPOWER's user rating?

IPOWER consistently receives high user ratings for its reliable hosting, affordable pricing, and excellent support.

Does IPOWER offer any promotions or discounts?

Yes, IPOWER frequently offers promotions and discounts on its hosting plans. Check their website for the latest deals.

What types of hosting services does IPOWER provide?

IPOWER offers a range of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Is IPOWER a good hosting provider for small businesses?

Yes, IPOWER is a recommended hosting provider for small businesses due to its affordable pricing, user-friendly platform, and reliable uptime.

How do I migrate my website to IPOWER?

IPOWER offers free website migration services to make the process seamless and hassle-free.

Does IPOWER provide SSL certificates?

Yes, IPOWER offers free SSL certificates with all its hosting plans to protect websites and enhance security.

Latest user reviews

mark lallier
• 1 months ago
RUN! I'm a 16 year client appalled at how terrible their service and products have become recently. I wish 0 was an option for this review. Since they were acquired, by Blue Host, they offer uneducated chat - only service and quite unreliable hosting. They now offer no phone number for customer service help and used to offer 24/7 phone support. Their email platform and all technology supporting URL's are severely out of date. Yesterday, I spent 6 hours with 7 chat agents who proved I know more about their business than they do. I'm invoicing them for hours of my time wasted and reporting them to every governing agency possible. Their chat - only only off shore support read scripts without any technology understanding and are based in the Phillipines. Every chat agent refused to escalate their inability to help and rude demeanor to a supervisor, when you request their supervisors. They'll quote you hosting pricing up to 10 times their hosting - competition pricing. I copied pricing into chat support obtained online directly from Ipower and they acted like the pricing posted was to low and was "a mistake" and tried. Then tried to charge 700% more than currently advertised hosting pricing. On top of fraudulent price gauging, which you can eventually beat them down on by using their own pricing ads online, and past credit card statement proof or previous hosting costs. On top of trying to gauge you on hosting fees, they'll always charge your card about 40.00 additionally without telling you for your "domain change." Watch your credit card statement closely, as they'll often add monthly junk charges to your card after you've already paid in full for a year of hosting. Your URL will disappear off and on, and they'll take days to get it back online, even though you've paid them in full for support and what they promise will be uninterrupted hosting. They'll make it nearly impossible to get details needed to move your URL and charge hundreds to port your URL to any competitor. There's a reason all reviews are full of mistreated and fraudulently charged clients, who can't even make a call for prompt support. They've become a business hell and by far, the Worst Business I've ever experienced.
Jeff Van Kuik
• 1 months ago
3,200 Power Washer has worked perfectly the 3 times I have used it. Purchased at Princess Auto,Whitby,Ont.Canada. Unit was on Sale and very good value for the Money. Unit is very portable and is better designed than most Power Washers. I am very satisfied with this product.
• 1 months ago
Stay away from this company. They will add all types of charges to your credit card recurrently without letting you know. It is almost impossible to contact them. I tried many times and many ways to stop them, they would promise you, but charge never stops. I asked my credit card bank to stop the recurring payment, but iPower will change a name and keeping charging you. Eventually I have to close my credit card account to stop them!
Austin Audio
• 1 months ago
horrible company . no email service for a week , no tech support, no way to speak to anyone
Zdeslav Radovcic
• 1 months ago
The support service is terrible .Totally incompetent staff members replying with pre written instructions...We are 48h without emails...The only good thing is their low price However no value for money
Jeremy Epstein
• 2 months ago
Their customer service is beyond terrible.I'm trying to transfer one of my domains to someone else. First time I tried this, a few months ago, I couldn't get an auth-code generated. The chat help people told me to try a different email address.... which locked my account. So now I'm trying again. Tried the automated system; it doesn't do anything. The person (?) says it can take 4 hours to get the auth-code (which is crazy). Oh, and they asked me to verify using a magic question which isn't even on their pulldown list!So no, my problem isn't solved...
Faycal Bouguir
• 2 months ago
The worst technical support. Most of them don't know what they doing. They mess things up and create more problems that you try then fix with another customer service agent. They are very unprofessional. I don't recommend them at all.
Ron Alkalay
• 3 months ago
Terrible customer service (only on chat and slow responding), high prices, terrible to work with STAY AWAY!
Tim Leu
• 5 months ago
Last month, before leaving iPower & going to InMotionHosting, I verified with iPower billing that none of my domains or my hosting account is set to auto-renew. Today, an automatic payment for a domain, which was set to manual renewal, was removed from my account. It's just plain thievery. I'll be contacting the FTC, FCC and the Arizona General Attorney's Office. I'll also be filing a small claims case in my state against them.
Antonin Vrabec
• 5 months ago
Ipower customer service is the worst. My domain was shut down after 20 years. No explanation why. The verification process is not working. When I try to get help, the only option is live chat. NOBODY knows what they are doing, and there is nothing you can do about it. I have been paying for my email service since 2004, now they shut it down and until the verification process is complete, which is taking over 20 days now, I have no access to my inbox. This is how a customer for 20 years is being treated.

Payment method

American Express
Money Orders
Visa Credit

IPOWER's Features

Money Back Guarantee
Hourly Payments
Monthly Payments
Yearly Payments
Domain Purchase
DDOS Protection
Accepts Bitcoin
Affiliate Program
Load Balancers
WordPress Hosting
VPS Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Shared Hosting
Site Builder
Email Service
Free SSL
Backup Services
CDN Services
SEO Hosting
Unlimited Hosting
Object Storage
Streaming Services
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