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IONOS is a German internet service provider (ISP) and web hosting company, known primarily for its web hosting services. It is the largest hosting company in Europe, managing over 8 million customer contracts and hosting over 12 million domains.

About IONOS:
Achim Weiß (CEO)
+49 721 170 5-0 / 1-
Elgendorfer Straße 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany
Servers Locations:
  • Datteln
  • Karlsruhe
  • Montabaur
  • Madrid
  • Gravelines
  • Manchester
  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
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Servers Locations: 8
  • Datteln
  • Karlsruhe
  • Montabaur
  • Madrid
  • Gravelines
  • Manchester
  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
  • Ashburn
Customer Support: 17
Website: English
All languages (17)
Support: English
All languages (20)
Live chat
United States
United States Accepted
Perfect Hosting Provider
by Trust Host Review
Features: Excellent
Reliability: Trustworthy
User Friendly: Excellent
Support: Excellent
Price: Very affordable
Promotion: Good discount
Other Factors: Good
John Macbright
Author: John Macbright Last updated: 07 June 2024

Review IONOS 2024

Setup Hosting: IONOS offers a range of hosting services including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting. It provides robust protection features even in its basic shared hosting packages1. The platform is easy to use and anyone can launch with IONOS. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Support: IONOS provides customer support 24/7/365 via phone, email, and chat. The quality of support seems to vary, with some users praising the helpfulness and patience of the support team, while others have mentioned inconsistent support quality.

Payment: IONOS offers low-cost introductory rates as low as $1 per month. However, it’s important to note that their renewal plans can be more expensive. They accept payment methods such as PayPal and credit card.


IONOS is a German internet service provider (ISP) and web hosting company, known primarily for its web hosting services. It is the largest hosting company in Europe, managing over 8 million customer contracts and hosting over 12 million domains.

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IONOS's rating: Perfect hosting provider

We rate features of services on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating. e also take into account the opinions of other users when rating features. We read user reviews and feedback to get a sense of how other people are using the features and what they think of them.

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Parameters Score Why did we give this score?
Features 4.5 Excellent - We consider a number of factors when rating features, including: usefulness, ease to use, effectiveness, impact.. IONOS's feature is outstanding. It is one of the best features of the service and is essential for any user who wants to get the most out of the service.
Reliability 4.5 Trustworthy - IONOS is extremely reliable and always meets its promises. They have an outstanding customer service record and are always responsive to customer complaints.
User Friendly 4.2 Excellent - Extremely Easy to Use: IONOS is incredibly easy to navigate and use. Users will find it effortlessly to find the information they need or complete tasks.
Support 4.2 Excellent - The support service is excellent. There is a comprehensive user manual and FAQ page. The helpdesk is very responsive and helpful. The support time is very fast and there is live chat with customers. The service supports multiple languages and provides excellent customer service.
Price 4.1 Very affordable - The pricing of IONOS is extremely affordable. It is much lower than the average prices of similar services, and there is a lot of flexibility in the price list.
Promotion 4 Good discount - IONOS offers frequent promotions. Their promotions are attractive and have a wide reach. There are a few bonus programs, discounted codes, or percentage discounts. They have a few conditions for receiving promotions, but their targeted audience is broad. Their rewards programs and loyalty programs are strong, and their discounts and special offers are frequent and appealing.
Other Factors 4 Good - The number of customers is high, and the partner reviews are mostly positive. The company's revenue is also high

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using IONOS as your hosting platform.


  • Extensive range of services: Offers web hosting, cloud hosting, domains, email, security, applications, and dedicated servers.
  • Scalability: Adapts to growing businesses with flexible plans and upgrades.
  • Reliability and performance: Ensures high uptime, fast speeds, and redundant data centers.
  • Security: Employs high-level encryption, intrusion detection, and DDoS protection.
  • Competitive pricing: Provides affordable plans with frequent promotions and discounts.
  • User-friendly control panel: Simplifies website management and configuration.
  • Knowledgeable customer support: Offers assistance through multiple channels in various languages.
  • Strong brand reputation: Recognized as a leading European hosting provider.
  • Commitment to innovation: Continuously updates services and implements new technologies.
  • Socially responsible initiatives: Supports environmental awareness and community development.


  • Learning curve for beginners: Control panel may require some initial familiarization.
  • Limited customization options: Pre-configured plans may not cater to highly specific needs.
  • Upselling and cross-selling: Marketing efforts may encourage unnecessary purchases.
  • Hidden fees: Additional charges may apply for specific features or services.
  • Customer service response time: Some users report delays in receiving support.
  • Limited documentation: Knowledge base content may not be comprehensive.
  • Contract duration: Long-term contracts may lock customers into unwanted services.

Interesting facts

Extensive infrastructure: 10 data centers in 5 countries, offering high performance and reliability.
Scalability: Solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.
Ease of use: User-friendly control panel and 24/7 customer support.
Security: Commitment to security with high-level data encryption and intrusion detection systems.
Competitive pricing: Affordable plans for all budgets.
Multiple language support: Caters to a diverse global customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the uptime guarantee for IONOS hosting?

IONOS offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all hosting plans.

How can I register a domain with IONOS?

Visit and search for your desired domain name. Follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

What payment methods does IONOS accept?

IONOS accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

How can I contact IONOS support?

IONOS offers 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat.

What is the customer rating for IONOS?

IONOS has received positive customer reviews for its reliability, performance, and support.

Does IONOS offer any promotions or discounts?

IONOS frequently offers special deals, including discounts on new sign-ups and renewals.

What are the key features of IONOS hosting plans?

IONOS offers a range of hosting plans with features such as SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and email accounts.

How can I manage my IONOS hosting account?

IONOS provides an intuitive control panel that allows you to easily manage your hosting account, including managing domains, setting up email, and installing applications.

What is the refund policy for IONOS hosting?

IONOS offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans.

Can IONOS help me with website design and development?

IONOS offers a variety of website design and development services, including website templates, website builders, and professional web design services.

Latest user reviews

M Tarantino
• 2 days ago
Ionos Customer Service is by far the best I have ever experienced. I rarely write reviews but today, after speaking with two different people who were patient and professional, I felt compelled to give this review. No question is left unanswered. If you need to talk to someone in Billing or Tech Support, it's a painless process. I have been using them for years for myself and my clients.
Khaalid Ali
• 2 days ago
I needed to cancel because I did not use the service. I was able to get onto the billing department very quickly. Baby Sheen, the representative that I worked with understood my request and assisted promptly. She transferred me to cancelations. There was little wait time. Signing up was also very easy and straightforward.
Vishal Singh
• 2 days ago
My first Personal Assistant, Eugene Simon, did solved all the issues I was facing for last 2 days.I would highly recommend IONOS to everyone looking to start their business or switch from other provider.Give them a big try
Jeff Gottesman
• 2 days ago
John was great. I had a complicated set of questions and he explained how to proceed to move my website and domains over to ionos and take advantage of promotions. He explained everything clearly and suggested the exact order of things to do so I would have limited downtime.
Ed Nicholls
• 2 days ago
I have reached out to this business on a number of occasions to cancel my subscription, this has been ignored and they are convinced that I owe them for unused services. I've just received a letter from bailiffs that they have passed my details onto - outrageous! I'd advise all to stay clear of this business.
• 2 days ago
Very helpful. Seen that everything was working before disconnecting from me. The problem was one that I created and he helped sort through and find all the right settings to restore.
Savage Design
• 2 days ago
The representative Ed that I spoke with at ionis. Was extremely helpful, he was very courteous very professional he took his time to understand my issue then he took his time to rectify the problem that I had, he always came back to the line to make sure that I was there and I was still waiting and to let me know that he was still working on my problem I highly recommend ionis
• 2 days ago
Host was knowledgeable, patient, courteous, very helpful, and delivered on the issues i called in for. Also i was not kept waiting on the phone line.
Charles Elmer
• 2 days ago
1. Advertise $9/year; invoice for $122. Invoice date 6 weeks after contract date even though no transfer from Go Daddy was completed; i.e. 10.5 months of registration, pay for 123. Told that I Need to call back next year to cancel the autopay4. No way I will be placing a website here
ximena g
• 2 days ago
I requested a domain service and they never gave me the account, it always comes out that my account does not exist BUT they did give me a discount on my credit card.Do not use this service because they do not deliver anything.

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IONOS's Features

Money Back Guarantee
Hourly Payments
Monthly Payments
Yearly Payments
Domain Purchase
DDOS Protection
Accepts Bitcoin
Affiliate Program
Load Balancers
WordPress Hosting
VPS Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Shared Hosting
Site Builder
Email Service
Free SSL
Backup Services
CDN Services
SEO Hosting
Unlimited Hosting
Object Storage
Streaming Services
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