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Through years of experience in handling projects from clients around the world, Being web development agency in Dubai, FME has established itself as one of the chiefs and most reputable web development Dubai solution providers. We will help you erect your website from scratch just how you want it and stay with you to make sure it stays on the top.

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Author: Pimploy Sinakorn Last updated: 20 July 2024

Review FME Extensions Dubai 2024

FME Extensions Dubai: A Deep Dive for Experienced Users

FME Extensions Dubai might not be the first name that pops up when you think "web hosting," but for those in the know - developers, seasoned webmasters, and system admins - they offer a compelling proposition. This isn't your run-of-the-mill, shared hosting setup with cPanel. FME Extensions Dubai caters to a more technical audience, and this review will dissect their offerings with that focus in mind.

Hosting Plans: Beyond the Basics

Forget generic shared hosting packages. FME Extensions Dubai specializes in VPS and dedicated servers, offering a good degree of customization. You can select from various operating systems, control panel options (including cPanel/WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin), and tailor resources (RAM, CPU cores, storage) to your project's demands. This flexibility is a significant advantage for experienced users who need fine-grained control over their hosting environment.

Pricing: Transparency is Key

While "cheap" isn't a word often associated with quality hosting, FME Extensions Dubai manages to offer competitive rates. Their pricing structure is refreshingly transparent, with no hidden fees or surprise price hikes after the initial term. This upfront approach is appreciated, especially when dealing with mission-critical websites or applications.

Ease of Use: A Double-Edged Sword

This is where the "experienced user" focus comes into sharp relief. FME Extensions Dubai doesn't hold your hand with a simplified interface. While they provide the tools and documentation, you're expected to have the technical chops to manage your server environment. If you're comfortable with SSH, server configurations, and troubleshooting, this won't be an issue. However, if you're seeking a more managed experience, you might find it lacking.

Performance and Server Speed: Promising, But...

FME Extensions Dubai boasts high-performance servers and utilizes SSD storage, which is a huge plus. Their network infrastructure seems robust, but without independent benchmarks, it's difficult to provide definitive assessments on uptime and overall speed. User experiences vary, with some praising the performance while others have reported occasional slowdowns.

Security: A Shared Responsibility

FME Extensions Dubai provides the fundamentals - firewalls, DDoS protection, and regular security audits. However, they emphasize that security is a shared responsibility. This means you'll need to implement your own security measures, keep your software updated, and generally take an active role in safeguarding your server.

Customer Support: Room for Improvement

While FME Extensions Dubai offers 24/7 support, their response times and the quality of assistance have received mixed reviews. Some users report helpful and knowledgeable support staff, while others have found them slow to respond or lacking in-depth technical expertise.

Data Centers: Location, Location, Location

FME Extensions Dubai operates data centers in multiple locations, including Dubai and Europe. This allows you to choose a server closer to your target audience, potentially reducing latency for users in those regions.

In Conclusion: The Verdict?

FME Extensions Dubai is a solid choice for experienced users seeking customizable hosting solutions at reasonable prices. Their focus on VPS and dedicated servers, combined with their transparent pricing, makes them appealing. However, be prepared for a more hands-on experience, and temper your expectations regarding customer support. If you value control, flexibility, and don't shy away from the technical aspects of server management, FME Extensions Dubai is worth considering.

FME Extensions Dubai

Through years of experience in handling projects from clients around the world, Being web development agency in Dubai, FME has established itself as one of the chiefs and most reputable web development Dubai solution providers. We will help you erect your website from scratch just how you want it and stay with you to make sure it stays on the top.
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FME Extensions Dubai's rating: Perfect hosting provider

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Parameters Score Why did we give this score?
Features 4.2 Excellent - We consider a number of factors when rating features, including: usefulness, ease to use, effectiveness, impact.. FME Extensions Dubai's feature is outstanding. It is one of the best features of the service and is essential for any user who wants to get the most out of the service.
Reliability 4.5 Trustworthy - FME Extensions Dubai is extremely reliable and always meets its promises. They have an outstanding customer service record and are always responsive to customer complaints.
User Friendly 4.7 Excellent - Extremely Easy to Use: FME Extensions Dubai is incredibly easy to navigate and use. Users will find it effortlessly to find the information they need or complete tasks.
Support 4.9 Excellent - The support service is excellent. There is a comprehensive user manual and FAQ page. The helpdesk is very responsive and helpful. The support time is very fast and there is live chat with customers. The service supports multiple languages and provides excellent customer service.
Price 4 Affordable - The pricing of FME Extensions Dubai is affordable. It is slightly lower than the average prices of similar services, and there is some flexibility in the price list.
Promotion 2.5 Average coupon - FME Extensions Dubai offers occasional promotions. Their promotions are average and have a moderate reach. There are a few bonus programs, discounted codes, or percentage discounts. They have some conditions for receiving promotions, and their targeted audience is fairly broad. Their rewards programs and loyalty programs are okay, but their discounts and special offers are few and far between.
Other Factors 2.5 Average - The number of customers is moderate, and the partner reviews are mixed. The company's revenue is also moderate.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using FME Extensions Dubai as your hosting platform.


  • High-speed fiber optic network
  • Reliable and stable connectivity
  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Limited availability in certain areas

Interesting facts

FME Extensions Dubai is a subsidiary of Etisalat, the largest telecom operator in the Middle East
The company offers a range of services including home internet, business internet, and mobile plans
FME Extensions Dubai is known for its innovative services, such as the FME TV Box, which offers IPTV and OTT streaming services

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I register a domain name with FME Extensions Dubai?

Visit our website, search for the desired domain name, and follow the registration process.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

How can I contact customer support?

You can reach us via live chat, email, or phone during business hours.

Do you offer any promotions or discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on domain registration, hosting plans, and bulk purchases.

What is the uptime guarantee for your hosting services?

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all our hosting plans.

Can I migrate my website to FME Extensions Dubai?

Yes, we provide free website migration services for new customers.

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting?

Shared hosting shares resources with other websites, while VPS hosting provides dedicated resources and more control.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Yes, we offer free and paid SSL certificates to secure your website.

How can I improve my website's loading speed?

We provide caching and optimization tools to help you enhance your website's performance.

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